With all due respect, what I wish to defend is just as large as the Earth.
— Akira Agarkar Yamada
Akira Agarkar Yamada
Kanji アキラ・アガルカール・山田
Character Information
Gender Male
Age "25" (allegedly)
Height 183cm (6'0")
Weight 58kg (165 lb)
Family Unknown
Media Information
Animation Debut Episode 1
JP Voice Actor Tomokazu Sugita
English Voice Actor Josh Grelle
Akira Agarkar Yamada (アキラ・アガルカール・山田 Akira Agarkar Yamada) is one of the main characters in the series Tsuritama and a class mate of Yuki, Haru, and Natsuki. He is a mysteriously cut off character who is secretly in Enoshima to spy on Haru, due to his ties with D.U.C.K.

Visual AppearanceEdit

Being (allegedly) much older than much of the cast, Akira also regardlessly beholds a much more defined face, with sharpened, gray eyes. Being from India, he has a more tanned skin in comparison to others, and black hair that pokes out of the sides of his brown turban. Typically, he is seen wearing his black D.U.C.K. suit, however, due to the fact the animation displays several different outfits for each character, this can differ. Unlike most D.U.C.K. members, Akira does not don the required sunglasses that should par with the dress code.

Something notable about his design is how he is always carrying, if not, is always with his partner, Tapioca.


Akira appears to be mysterious and rather stoic - not much is actually known about him. He often spies on Yuki, Haru, and Natsuki from a safe distance and talks to his duck named Tapioca. Despite allegedly being much older than the three, he was somehow still able to enroll into their high school. He seems to be unafraid to voice his opinion; acting brief and business-like. He also appears to have a liking to the local Enoshima food. He is a bit intimidating, because of his abrupt ways, but generally seems to be a kind person at heart.  It has also been revealed that he hates jokes, especially puns.

When he comes to trust somebody, he loosens up considerably, revealing a more noticeably immature side. He is also shown to be somewhat petty at times, possibly as a result of this immaturity; for example, when Natsuki is competing in the "picture drama", Akira, off to the side, says to himself: "Please fail. Please fail. Please fail. Please fail. Please fail."

Throughout the series, he is also often seen trying to play his part as a "spy" well (and also the role seemingly given to him by D.U.C.K), but also somewhat being bad at it; such as when he holds "conversations" with Tapioca, often "answering" Tapioca's "questions". This typically leads to comical, or humorous, moments for Akira, and also highlights his immature side.

Regardless, by the ending, he appears to have developed stronger bonds with Yuki, Natsuki, and Haru; particularly the latter two. He also shares brief interactions with Coco (including during the anime), and Sakura and others during the drama CD side story, showing his interpersonal relations improving.

In the same drama CD side story, in the first track at the start, Sakura notes his appearance, saying, "Huh? The old Indian man?" to which Akira replies, somewhat affronted-seeming; "O-o-old man?", implying he does not like being called "old" and possibly may not actually see himself as such. Akira would later give Sakura a prize he won (that she wanted) as a gift in the fourth track, which she thanks him for.


Not much is revealed in the animated series as to who Akira was before he joined D.U.C.K.

However, there are some clues to what his past was like in official sources. In a character Q&A, it is revealed he has a "public" reason and a "real" reason to why he had joined D.U.C.K. in the first place, only revealing his "public" reason. This "public" reason is that he had joined D.U.C.K. due to his life being saved by a certain alien, and since that encounter, he had desired to return the favor. It is unknown who this "certain alien" is, or what his real reason for joining D.U.C.K. is.

It is revealed that he and Tapioca first met after D.U.C.K. had assigned them as partners. Prior to Enoshima, Akira and Tapioca were stationed in Missoula, Montana.


  • In Japan, it is very hard to skip or repeat grades, and this is usually only done through a difficult process which involves formally changing schools. Staying at one school is usually not possible. That Akira would be "25" in a Japanese high school is pretty much unheard of, even in extreme circumstances; which is likely why the entire class (including a surprised Yuki and the skeptical Natsuki) reacted with such surprise to his introduction. (It is also possible Akira could be lying about his age, as many other aspects of his background remain unknown or private, at times purposely by Akira.) Akira also seems startled when Sakura calls him an "old man" in a drama CD side story, implying he does not like being called "old" and possibly may not actually see himself as such.
  • An official Q&A on twitter stated, whether Yamada is actually Akira’s real surname is confidential.
  • His birthday was eventually revealed by the official twitter to be November 3rd.
  • The アキ in アキラ (Akira) sounds the same as 秋 meaning autumn. Along with Haru, Akira, and Natsuki, all their names are meant to reference one of the seasons.
  • He is sikh.
  • His three sizes are 95-81-98. [1]
  • Inside Akira's turban, there is "love, courage, ham, and a spoon." [1]
  • Akira is single. [1]
  • Akira does not take baths, rather showers. [1]
  • His suit and turban are both D.U.C.K. uniform, and thus it is his usual clothing. Akira likes casual clothing that defines his silouhette. [2]
  • He finds alone time to be the most important thing to him, "alone" even excluding Tapioca. [2]
  • Akira likes physics as it connects both to Earth and aliens, and does not like his own language. It is unknown if he means his native language or Japanese. [2]
    • He once wrote "I won't acknowledge this question" on a test concerning this language, and failed due to it. [2]
  • As a hobby, he enjoys playing chess, cricket, field hocky, kabaddi, and Monopoly. [2]
  • Akira enjoys tapioca desserts due to its texture, and dislikes natto for the same reason. [2]
  • His favorite motto is "The dogs bark, but the caravan goes on." According to Akira, it has two meanings in Arabia, and he feels depth in both meanings. [2] This is despite the earlier note that he "does not like his own language".
  • An official Q&A on twitter stated none of the main four (characters) are popular in school. Akira believes he’s the most popular amongst the four of them but their popularity is about the same. In contrast, Nomura (one of the mob characters) is the most popular guy in the class.
  • His blood type is AB.
    • In Japanese culture, blood type AB people are said to be cool, controlled, and rational.


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