Kanji 井上 歩
Character Information
Gender Male
Age 33
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Family Misaki (future wife)
Media Information
Animation Debut Episode 1 (seen)
Episode 4 (speaking)
JP Voice Actor Daisuke Hosomi
English Voice Actor David Wald

Ayumi Inoue (井上 歩) is a minor character of the series Tsuritama. He works as a fishing captain and is associated with the Enoshima Fishing Shop.

Personality Edit

Appearance Edit



It's hinted that he has a crush on Misaki, as he's always trying to impress her and becomes over-joyed when she compliments him. He is 33.

Trivia Edit

  • Ayumi calls Misaki with "Mr" despite being older because he was once drunk and called her name without any honorifics and she told him off badly for it.
  • Daisuke Hosomi, Ayumi's voice actor, was recommended by the music director. [1]
  • Ayumi likes the colour blue. [2]
  • The daily wage for working on his boat is 5500 yen, or around 50 dollars in USD. [1]
  • He wears a lot of pink because Misaki had once complimented him on it. [2]
  • His fishing boat is named "The Boy".


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