You're Haru's friend. Friends don't break promises.
— Coco to Yuki
Kanji ココ
Character Information
Gender Female
Age Unknown (chronologically, possibly 100+ or immortal); younger than Haru
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Family Haru (brother)
Media Information
Animation Debut Episode 1
Episode 2 (Human form)
JP Voice Actor Emiri Kato
English Voice Actor Tiffany Grant

Coco (ココ) is a minor character from the series Tsuritama. She is an alien and the deuteragonist Haru's younger sister.


Coco is protective of her older, but not more mature, brother. Her first appearance indicated that she is a bit bossy and believes in honoring one's promises. She loves her brother very much and shows that she wants him to always be happy. Like her brother, she also carries and uses a strange yellow dolphin-shaped water pistol and uses it to temporarily control people. She mainly uses this tool to make Yuki comply to her demands.


Coco's appearance is much more unusual and alien than her brother's. She has pinkish eyes, similar to Haru's purple ones, and she wears large glasses with thin rims. Her hair is pink with turquoise and yellow flower designs in it. She wears a large blue and gray collar, a black bikini top, a large gray and blue polka-dot skirt, a blue backpack with pink straps, gray sleeves, and gray high-heeled boots.


Main Cast


Coco's older brother, she cares immensely for his safety and wellbeing. Traveling with Haru to Earth in order to subdue the water alien underneath the sea, she is first seen in her fish form, riding in a fish bowl on top of Haru's head. She refers to Haru as "nii-san", a short form for "onii-san", formally meaning "older brother" in Japanese, signifying she has a respect for her older brother and thus does not see him as someone that she

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Coco sacrificing herself for Haru's sake.

Although she does not understand Haru's motivations, acts, or intentions, Coco supports Haru's decisions regardless of whether she agrees with them or not, knowing that her brother cannot be moved. She is genuinely supportive of her brother and his attitude, however, she is shown to express her disagreement with him when she wishes of it, particularly about staying friends with Yuki.

It is stated that they never fight due to the fact that Haru always smiles even when Coco is made at him. [1]

Sanada Yuki

As a supportive sister, Coco follows her brother's antics and agrees to pick on Yuki as their fishing subject, much to her disagreement with choosing him. Initially, she does not see the worth or interest in Yuki as Haru's friend, as she views him as rude and unthankful, not wishing for her brother to waste his time on him. She constantly disagrees with the way he acts, and does not bother to follow his request when he asks Haru to put away his water-gun, instead, continuing to use it as a method of intimidation.

Coco, at first, thought he was useless, hopeless guy for Haru, but eventually realized Yuki cared a lot about Haru and accepted him as Haru's first human friend. Coco and Yuki do not share much person-to-person interaction after her screen time in Episode 3.


  • Though her age is officially "Unknown", it was revealed through official info that Haru "chooses" ("self-proclaims") his age and birthday to be close to Yuki's, making him "17". If Coco were to "choose" her (human) "age", that could place her around "16"~17, or 16-"going-on"-17. Despite this, she was never shown to have "chosen" an age or given an official "age". However, it should also be noted official art has shown at least a full year passed since the series ended, meaning if she chose such an age, she'd be a "year" older than that (17~18) regardless by the next year. Regardless, any "human age" assigned to this character would be non-canonical / non official.
    • Character birthdays for the main group have tended to be recognized and celebrated by the staff and official merchandise ever since the series ended in 2012, meaning Coco would have "aged" along with them should they have "aged" since.
    • Haru also implies he's "known" of Urara for at least or more than "100 years" ("this is where we meet after a hundred years!") meaning Coco would have existed for a similar length of time as his younger sister, and possibly implying both are immortal.
  • Coco is the only alien in the series who never tries to look like a regular human.
  • In a Q&A session on Twitter it was confirmed that Coco's glasses are prescription glasses.[2]
  • In another session it was stated that Coco's skirt can actually store items. That aspect ended up unused in the animated series. [1]
  • In a Q&A session on Twitter, it was confirmed she is an E cup. Her three sizes from the top are 89.60.91. [2] It should be noted Coco is not the only character given "sizes" - Akira was "measured" as well, despite being male.
    • It should also be noted this was from a Q&A session - i.e., the fans were asking the questions to the staff. Some fans were rather persistent in asking these questions, such as for Akira.


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