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Kanji 江の島
Rōmaji Enoshima

Enoshima (江の島 Enoshima) is the main setting and location of the anime Tsuritama.

An island on the coast Japan, its sea is vast and large, and the air is particularly clean. Since it is distant from the main land, there are hardly any pollution problems, and it is a prime fishing city as it is an island surrounded by clean water.


Taken directly from the anime, how Enoshima was found and became a prosperous island is unknown. However, they do save the tale in how Enoshima was saved long before the series begins.

According to legend, a five-headed dragon had lived in the Enoshima ocean. This particular dragon caused havoc and suffering for the nearby residents, as it was a violent dragon. People began to lose hope, and began to believe this would be the end of the world, and the dragon would not be able to be subdued. However, as time passed, a black cloud covered the sky, bringing a deep darkness with it. Inside this darkness, a single ray of sunshine appeared, and an unearthly beautiful princess arrived, riding on a purple cloud.

Tsuritama 06 2

The dragon and the false lure, as seen as a figurine in the shrine.

It is later revealed that, in truth, there were actually two goddesses that worked together in order to subdue the five-headed dragon. One goddess was meant to protect the fisherman whom was fishing the dragon, whilst the other goddess was the lure to attract the dragon. In the anime, Haru and Coco are these two goddesses,

meant to recreate what had happened long ago with Yuki as their fisherman. However, due to the fact Coco was lost in Urara's herd before this could be done, Haru both doubled up as the goddess that protects the fisherman and the lure.

Enoshima DanceEdit

The Enoshima Dance is an anime-only traditional dance that the people of Enoshima perform. It is a relatively simple dance that requires minimal experience to do.

The Enoshima Dance was the main symptom of being controlled by the water dragon, as contact with water unwillingly makes humans begin to perform the dance with no mental or physical control. Humans that have

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A portion of the more complex Enoshima Dance as seen in the opening sequence.

been caught into this spell typically do not know they are doing the dance, and enter a state of mind that does not pair with their body and real-world self. Instead, they enter a sort of "sleep", while their body and voice performs the Enoshima song and dance.

There also seems to be different forms of the dance, ranging from a more complex arrange of movements as seen in the Opening, to simply swaying the subjects arms to each side, as seen during Akira's punishment.

A traditional song goes along with the dance, also tending to range in variation. During Akira's punishment, the members of the boat sing the lyrics " Matsu matsuri, haino haino haino, yoisha yoishona. " A matsuri is a shrine celebration in Japan; or a festival/holiday. Haino means "ash". Yoisha/Yoishona is an expression that shows excitement or achievement, similarly to how English users say "Woohoo!" when something good happens.

There is a more complex song that is sung by Natsuki in which he distracts D.U.C.K. members, however, this song is not seen in with any other form of the dance, so it is possible that it is simply a song that Natsuki himself sings in order to do the dance. The song has only one line that Natsuki seems to repeat, as the rest of the song is overcome by the D.U.C.K. member's screams. The line translates to: " If you're a man, the midsummer ocean... "

Real World CounterpartEdit

Enoshima is actually a real world island located in Japan. According to the real world proportions, it is 4 km in circumference and 94 acres in area. Many of the scenes in the anime version of Enoshima are inspired, if not, directly formed from their real world counterpart (see Gallery).

According to real-world mythology, the goddess Benzaiten had risen the island and thus the entirety of it's existence is in praise of her. Tsuritama's own mentioned goddess could possibly be in relation, if not, is meant to be her.