George Ace
Kanji ジョージ・エース (codename)
Character Information
Gender Male
Height 192cm
Weight 74.2kg
Media Information
Animation Debut Episode 3
JP Voice Actor Kazuhiro Nakaya

George Ace (ジョージ・エース) is a supporting character in the Tsuritama anime. He is a council member of DUCK. and appears as Akira's direct superior. Inside of the animated series, his name is never mentioned, which lead to him being widely known as Boss (上司) until his codename was finally revealed in an official twitter Q&A session.


On first sight, George appears playful and condescending. He frequently teases Akira by drawing out his last name in a mockingly incorrect pronounciation and generally seems to enjoy demonstrating his superiority. 

He is mostly uncaring of other people's feelings and does only believe in what he can see and touch. Akira's new idea of friendship seems to startle him, greatly. George is a business man through and through. He strictly expects DUCK's guidelines to be followed and believes his organization's way to be the only right one. He'd rather solve the Enoshima Crisis by using brute military force than cooperate with an alien.

Still, there is a more human side to him, slowly revealed in the final episodes. As a superior he treats his men with cruelty, but he does truly care for protecting their lives as well as civilians. It takes him a lot to change his methods, but his driving motivation is the protection of earth and the people on it. When pushed enough, he can accept someone else's thoughts.


As revealed in the twitter Q&A, George is originally from London. His first paranormal encounter took place at a family picnic at Stonehenge. Ever since than he's been enthusiastic about extraterrestrial life, eventually leading to him joining DUCK and working his way up to his current position. He has an older sister, who he seems to have a good relation with.


During the first episodes, George only appears whenever Akira has make his report. Together with the rest of the council, George hears him out and mostly ends up down-playing the importance of his mission. The council itself is busy with investigating the Bermuda Syndrome and does not want Akira to interfere with that. 


George speaking with Akira via video call

Eventually, however, they seem to have gathered enough information to feel the JF1/JFX case is important enough to intervene. George takes Akira out of charge and travels to Enoshima himself, bringing an entire military fleet with him. They proceed to evacuate all Enoshima citizens and plan on bombing JFX while he's in the water and thereby eliminating all danger he poses to humanity. 

When the waterproof suits turn out to not be water-proof after all and JFX begins taking control of even DUCK agents, setting fire to the Hemmingway in the process, George goes to meet Akira at the dock before the main four can set out to fish up JFX. Once again, George urges Akira to not follow this idea, but when he refuses he fires him. Still, the main four start the boat and Akira pushes George into the sea to prevent get rid of him.

George seems to have a change of heart and announces to the evacuees that they should get further into safety and respect the feelings of the fishermen. He sets a time limit for Akira however and afterwards plans on firing missiles at JFX and any boats still remaining in the area. When Akira refuses to listen, it finally dawns on George that he would have to kill him as well to go through with the initial plan and that's the final push it takes for him to change directions. Opposing the rest of the council, he stops the missiles, because he now believes in Akira.


George taking off his sunglasses

In the final scenes, he's seen taking off his sunglasses, stating that Akira is, after all, the pride of DUCK. This has a special bit of significance, seeing the twitter interviews reveal that part of why he looks down on Akira is his refusal to wear the sunglasses, which are a part of the uniform.


  • Due to his name only being revealed after the series ended, several aliases for him have been used by the Western fans. The most popular version is 'Duck President', but others include Duck Boss, Duck Leader, Duck Commander and more.
  • His favourite foods are Fish&Chips and Simnel Cake baked by his sister
  • His three sizes are 90-75-89
  • His blood type is A