I'm Haru. I'm an alien!
— Haru
Kanji ハル
Character Information
Gender Male
Age 17 (during series), 18 (post-series)
Height 168cm (5'5")
Weight 50kg (110 lb)
Family Coco (sister)
Media Information
Animation Debut Episode 1
JP Voice Actor Miyu Irino
English Voice Actor Clint Bickham

Haru (ハル) is the deuteragonist and one of the main characters of the series Tsuritama, along with Yuki, Natsuki and Akira.

An alien from a faraway planet, Haru travels to the city of Enoshima in hopes of fishing out a creature that is one of his kind from destroying the entire planet. In order to do this, he befriends a socially awkward boy seemingly filled with rage, a fishing prince, and an alien hunter that has been unwillingly assigned to him.

Visual AppearanceEdit

In his human form, Haru has wavy light beige, hair that naturally falls on his head, forming a bang in between his bright purple eyes and to the side of them. His eyes are generally round, the biggest of the main cast, and he has long lashes to accompany this. Haru's overall hair curves outwards and has a full, round effect, and there is a limp ahoge pocking from the top of his head. He has a average build, and is the smallest in length out of the main four characters.

Typically he wears a wide variety of clothing, ranging in many different colors, designs, etc. He is first seen wearing the typical Enoshima high school uniform for boys, which includes a blue blazer, white dress shirt, and black pants. Uniquely, his initial shoes are pink with white stripes, and his unique tie is also a modest salmon with a small blue stripe that overcomes a small portion of it's end. Haru's fashion sense is rather childish, as he can be seen wearing sailor styled clothing and bright, fun colors, with no care to whether the colors clash or not.

He also wears a blue striped belt with a silver planet that looks like Saturn as the main buckle. It is possible that this is what Haru's home planet looks like, but it was never been confirmed. Haru attaches his iconic semi-transparent water gun to this belt, which has a blue button and inner mechanics.

Typically when Haru is performing anything that is in relation to using his water alien abilities a triangle forms at the top of his head. It is a yellow, glowing triangle halo that spins just above his ahoge.
3f85636c8be38e9446136c88afd668ba853c74eb hq

Haru's antenna spiking upwards against his will as a result of Coco sending him away with her own alien powers.

His ahoge also doubles as an antenna, as it seems to react with his abilities as an alien. It is shown to stretch straight up into a more triangularly skinny shape, similar to a blade of grass, when he is affected in this form. It is shown it can also be bent, twisted, and curled while under Urara's control, and while under his spell, it seems to have a mind of its own, rotating clockwise. Haru seems to have no control of when this happens.

Like Coco and Urara, Haru has a fish form. This form is momentarily seen in the final episode when he is cast into Urara's horde — he is a bright yellow betta with translucent, light yellow fins.


In general, Haru is a cheerful, outgoing, and optimistic character with a failed understanding of human emotion due to the fact he is, indeed, an alien.

Because he is simply so used to having people get along, Yuki's initial stubbornness when it came to fishing almost puzzled Haru, as he's used to people saying yes or agreeing with him. As someone with only good intentions, this can sometimes fail and make him seem inconsiderate or dumb — when, in reality, he simply wishes to learn and get along with everyone. Haru is a headstrong boy that is stubborn in the field of becoming friends with people, and his strong desire for everyone to be happy can sometimes prove to go downhill.

As an alien with no understanding of human norms, he is quirky and attention-catching, not being afraid to show something of himself that may be strange to other people, or wearing what he chooses to wear, as shown with his bright clothing choices. Haru, as someone of this mentality, is carefree and childish, and almost


Haru's playful personality, as seen with him dancing.

impulsive in the sense of him going forward into something that he does not understand. However, he is not actually dumb — in fact, he is shown to understand Urara's place in the ocean and the real reason to why he came to Enoshima in a serious fashion.

Despite not knowing much about fishing, he enjoys the activity, as well as doing anything that may seem fun to him, liking kicking around a soccer ball or watering flowers. Haru is also aware of his ability to temporarily mind-control others fairly well, as he is shown to do it multiple times upon getting frustrated or seeing something he does not enjoy. Since Haru is so used to things working out the best way, he does not always consider the other party's feelings — likely because he had failed to understand that not everyone may agree with him. This changes tremendously as the series continuous. Haru's inability to understand human mental pain is likely due to the fact that everybody on his home planet gets along, and thus mental pain would not be something he is familiar with. [1]

Haru is extremely self-sacrificial when it comes to the topic of his friends, as he is willing to make himself a villain just for the sake of his companion's safety. This was the main issue in Episode 9 and 10, which Yuki had resolved by telling him otherwise, after a slap to the face. He is also aware that he tends to do whatever he feels like, as Yuki had also told this multiple times — however, upon Haru's understanding, all he wishes is for the best, with no malicious intent. This is, indeed, put to the test at the end of Episode 11 and the beginning of Episode 12.

When under the control of Urara, Haru displays a much more crazed, mindless personality, with the intent of mind-controlling any human around him. He is aware that he will be mind controlled right before he is, signifying that he does understand how powerful Urara can be.

He is shown to dislike it whenever people are overly stubborn, sans Yuki, and tends to get annoyed when he is not allowed to do things he wants to do, or when he has to be patient. Haru also dislikes Yuki's "demon face." It is shown in Episode 1 that fish are attracted to him.


Not much is known about Haru's childhood and how he was raised, or how he developed his exuberant personality.

He is, however, a real alien, hailing from a planet that is mostly composed of water — because he, along with Coco and Urara, are really aquatic fish, and thrive with water. There is not too much directly stated about how his planet functions, however, it is commonly expressed with multiple occurrences in the anime. For example, on Haru's planet, people communicate via water — this can be seen between Coco and Haru, as they communicate between long distances through the power of water.

It is also revealed that he does not understand mental pain, as it is noted that everybody on his home planet gets along. Because of the harmonious atmosphere of his planet, Haru's introduction to human life and emotion is an entirely new experience, only understanding happiness — and even prior he did not fully understand or name the emotion, likely due to the fact it has all he has felt in the past.

It is unknown if Haru has parents, or any form of family besides Coco. It is also hinted that he is attracted to bright colors due to the fact that anything dim or plain connotes death on his home planet, hence why he is so attracted to Yuki's bright hair color.

He cannot go without water for longer than a few hours or else he'll dry out, get weak, and (eventually) die.


Main Cast

Sanada Yuki

I'm happy if you're happy.
Haru to Yuki
Yuki is Haru's first and most precious friend.

As protagonist and deuteragonist, the two share a very close and intimate relationship. Haru's first encounter of Yuki was when the car he was held in passed by him on the street, and he was immediately captivated by his bright and unique red hair, due to it being his favorite color. Haru quickly pursues the car, much to his sister's confusion, and after claiming his residence with Kate and Yuki, he travels to school, where he obliterates Yuki's chance at a normal school life by attracting attention to the both of them using his fishing rod.

Tumblr moxhorrjZN1re3ov5o2 500

Haru using Yuki as an example to follow.

Yuki is against bonding with Haru initially, as he attempts to run away from him, however, this always resulted in Haru desperately chasing after him — around his house, as well as the garden. It is revealed that he only pursued Yuki in hopes of being able to use him as his companion, however, as the series progresses, Haru

began to take an extreme keenness to Yuki, to the point where he had used him (as well as Kate) for guidance to how humans worked, wishing to be by his side as much as possible in this form of education.

Tumblr mklav8BoJG1r8k4nbo3 r1 500

Haru using Yuki as a form of protection, as well as desiring to be close to him.

Because he is his companion, Yuki is used as his example of how humans work — wishing to get closer to him and to truly understand and befriend him, however, most of all, to try and make him happy. Haru has a giant attachment to Yuki, as in the duration of the series, he constantly calls out his name, points out him being happy, and does multiple things for his well being. He also uses Yuki as a form of protection, as he hides behind him when he is scared, as well as constantly attaching himself to him via hugs, piggy-back rides, etc.

In the final episodes, Haru becomes the villain alien of Enoshima, threatening to send out anyone that stays in Enoshima with his water gun. During the invasion, Yuki, along with his grandmother, are the only people he directly hits with his temporary mind control — showing his extreme care for him as well as Kate, disobeying his request to stop using his water control. In Episode 9, Haru directly tells Yuki that he hates him, in attempts to have him go away for his own safety — in Episode 10, he is shown to be angry in a great deal when Yuki returns, as he has disobeyed his desire for him to go away and, likely, hate and forget about Haru.

During the final episode, their friendship is put to the test, and Haru is used as the legendary lure to defeat the sea dragon, having Yuki as his fisherman. Yuki and Haru, in this sense, are known as the "Goddess" and her "Companion", reflecting upon the old tale that was told in order to defeat the sea dragon.

After the credits of the final episode, Haru enters the classroom just as he did in the first. All the students except for Yuki (and assumingly Urara) stand up and say "The alien!" once he introduces himself. He is shown to get slightly embarrass and apologize, only to then look towards Yuki, who's face morphs from shock to a hearty laugh at Haru's return. Haru laughs as well, blushing, implying that he is happy to see Yuki too.

Usami Natsuki

Natsuki is Haru's classmate and later becomes a good friend. Haru is shown to care for him, as Natsuki teaches him and Yuki how to fish.

Akira Agarkar Yamada

Akira is one of Haru's friends. Thought, it shown that Haru is great afraid of Akira's dear friend, his duck. But Haru later comes to care for him and is grateful for his help.

Supporting Characters


Coco is Haru's younger sister. Haru cares and loves his sister greatly. At first it shown that Coco disapproves of Haru's relationship with Yuki. She keeps trying to convince him to leave Yuki and find somebody else. To which Haru reluctantly to do so. Eventually she sees that Yuki cares and loves her brother and finally accepts him as Haru's best-closest friend.

It is shown known they never fight, as even when Coco is angry, Haru still smiles. [2]

Sanada Kate

Kate is Yuki's loving Grandmother. Haru stays with her and Yuki. He cares for her greatly, it is even shown that she becomes a parent-figure to him during the series. She gives advise and explains thing to him, teaching him new and exciting thing. Haru worries for her a lot, as Kate isn't in good health.


  • Regarding Haru's "age", the novel version confirms Yuki's age at the start of the series, in the 1st chapter, stating: With his sixth farewell in his seventeen years over with, Yuki left the school.
    • Natsuki is also confirmed to be 17 in Chapter 4 of the same novel, meaning he and Yuki are the same age. Natsuki celebrates his birthday twice - both once in-show and once in an official art since. This would make Yuki 18 by the time of the post-series official art.
      • Haru "self-proclaimed" his "age" to be the same age as Yuki's (when Yuki is 17). Thus, if Yuki is 18 by the post-series, so is Haru.
      • Timeline-wise and chronologically, there is also an implication he is at least a century old. In Episode 6 upon meeting Urara, he declares, "This is where we meet after a hundred years!", however, this has not been elaborated on since.
      • This could also imply Haru is possibly immortal, along with Urara and Haru's sister, Coco.
  • ハル (Haru) sounds the same as "春" meaning "spring". Along with Yuki, Akira, and Natsuki, all their names are meant to reference one of the seasons.
    • Haru's name, as well as Uraru's, is taken from the song Haru Urara by a Japanese singer named Kagrra. [3]
  • His alias by alien organization D.U.C.K. is "JF1".
  • Haru's favorite color is red. This is the main reason why he had chosen Yuki as his companion, and why he is attracted to red lures.
  • According to Akira, Haru has the ability to control humans with water — revealing the reason why he squirts people with a watergun when things do not go his way. When they try using it on humans, it results in temporary mind-control.
  • Haru has a fear of cats and birds (considering Haru's basically a fish, it's understandable considering birds and cats are natural enemies of fish).
  • He has an implied relation to the goddess; during his first appearance, he stands in the same pose as her, and even says, "Pachi!" just like her. It is unknown whether he is the goddess himself, a reincarnation, or a representation of her.
  • His blood type is B, although, this is self-proclaimed.
    • B blood type people, in Japanese culture, are said to be wild, cheerful, and hard-working.
  • Children around the age of five and animals are able to see Haru's triangle halo. [3]
  • Friends are the most important thing to Haru. He has approximately 497 of them. [1]
  • Haru's favorite subjects are art, chiseling, and equestrian vaulting. On the other hand, he dislikes moral philosophy, because it is generally too advanced for him to understand. [1]
  • His side hobby is doing the Enoshima Dance. [1]
  • Haru likes eating shirashu and red miso soup, but does not like eating fish directly. He claims it is not because he doesn't like the taste, but because it "hurts" in some aspect. [1]
  • Haru's favorite motto is "que, sera, sera, sera" (he adds an extra 'sera'), which translates to "Whatever will be, will be." He had learned it from Kate and simply thought it was cute. [1]
  • Haru apparently has a grip strong enough to break a handgrip dynamometer. [2]
  • His birthday is a reference to how, in Italy, France, and Belgium, people tape paper fish to each others back as an April Fool's trick and say "April Fish!". [2]
  • Haru particularly likes colorful and bright clothes, and is fond of star motifs. According to a Twitter Q&A with the staff, all of Haru's clothings are Yuki's, however, some belong to Haru himself. [3]
    • His pajamas are meant to match with Yuki's. Kate had bought them for him. [1]


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