You don't only thank people when they've done something for you. You thank someone because you're happy.
— Kate to Haru
Kanji 真田 ケイト
Character Information
Gender Female
Age 67
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Family Yuki Sanada (grandson)
Media Information
Animation Debut Episode 1
JP Voice Actor Fumi Hirano
English Voice Actor Allison Keith

Kate Sanada (真田 ケイト) is one of the supporting characters and Yuki 's French grandmother.


Living alone with her grandson, Kate is a very kind-hearted woman with a positive attitude - telling Yuki to smile and keep his head up. She seems very easy-going as she agreed to let Haru live with them without much questioning. In episode 2, she is seen coughing in front of Haru but requests him to not mention it to Yuki, implying that she may have some sort of sickness and does not wish to worry her grandson. Due to this, it is evident that due to her old age that she has some health problems but does not want to worry anyone with her illness.


Kate is an elderly woman with gray, short hair. She has soft, slightly wrinkled and lightly colored skin. She normally wears little rectangular shaped blue earings that dangle from her ears. Her eyes are a turquoise colors as well.