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This is an unofficial wiki, dedicated to the spring animation Tsuritama produced by A-1 Pictures, that ran from April to June of 2012.
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Yuki Sanada, a high schooler that is socially inept and troubled by his anxiety, finds himself moving once again to a different school due to his grandmother's shifting job. However, upon reaching Enoshima, Yuki meets a quirky self-proclaimed alien, who quickly drags him into fishing in order to "save the world".

Much to Yuki's displeasure, of course.
Upon forcefully receiving help from the local fishing prince, the alien's presence on Earth becomes more and more noticed by an alien organization known as D.U.C.K. Unbeknowest to Yuki, his alien pal, and the fishing prince, an agent from the company has been watching them this whole time — until he, too, becomes enamored by the art of fishing.
With the help of all three of these friends, Yuki's typical school-life becomes anything but — in fact, it becomes a journey to save the world.

Main Characters