Panicked Fishing
Air Date April 12, 2012
Episode Number 1
Run Time 22 minutes, 50 seconds
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Previous NONE
Next Episode 2 — The Frustrating Uni Knot
"Panicked Fishing" is the first episode of the series Tsuritama. It was first broadcast on April 12, 2012.


Sanada Yuki, an incredibly socially inept teen, bids his last goodbye to his classmates before moving to Enoshima with his grandmother, Kate. There, he encounters a self-proclaimed alien named Haru who forces him to go fishing with him, while serious and quiet "Fishing Prince" Usami Natsuki ends up teaching them.


The episode begins with a man telling the story of Enoshima's history, and how a five-headed dragon brought terror to the island. A goddess had then appeared, who's smile radiated the world, and with whom the dragon fell captivated for. It then displays the country of Japan, wheres they zoom into Enoshima's region and then prefecture, until the camera reaches Enoshima itself. Haru is then seen, saying "Pachi." while opening his eyes, like to how the goddess had done just prior.

Haru explores Enoshima, dazzling residents with his ability to attract fish. His sister, Coco, asks him if he sees anything good, to which he simply keeps exploring in response. Haru climbs a hill, to which he sees residents dancing the Enoshima dance. Both he and his sister are amused by this and Coco jumps out of her fish bowl to sing "Yoisho Yoishona!", as her tail fades into the back of Yuki's head. Now in a classroom, Yuki's teacher begins to explain Yuki is leaving. From this point forward the anime takes place in Yuki's head and storytelling. He goes to the front of the class and receives a drowning panic attack when he assumes two students are laughing about him, and runs out of the classroom.

Upon returning home, he scolds his grandmother, Kate, for carrying heavy things and changes into a clean pair of clothes. The two enter the car and the opening song plays, showing their trip from Osaki to Enoshima. They display the car going across Enoshima Bridge, which Haru so happens to be on, and his attention is immediately caught by the red car and Yuki inside it. Without explanation to his sister, he pursues the car. Yuki and Kate gaze upon their new home and Yuki explores it before changing to his new uniform and leaving for school. Haru is shown again, excited by the scenery of Enoshima. He approaches the front door of Yuki and Kate's new home, to which he greets Kate, introducing himself. Kate warmly greets him and accepts his words that he is an alien, and agrees to let him live there after he claims he will live there with them. A man in a turban carrying a duck watches from afar.

Yuki receives another panic attack on the way to school due to whether or not he should give up his seat to a man that looks to be in his 50s, before a boy from the same school gives up his while he's experiencing his panic attack. This student, along with another, witness this ordeal, and he reassures himself its fine. When he enters the classroom, he explains he is somewhat awkward, and that Enoshima is beautiful. When sitting down, he notices that not one, but both of the students that had seen his demonic face are in his class, and he once again captures attention by standing up in shock.

His anxieties are calmed, however, when Haru suddenly enters the classroom with a fishing pole, introducing himself as an alien. He casts it towards Yuki, shouting his name, and Yuki experiences another anxiety attack from all the attention. Haru squirts him with a green water gun, and he wakes up to find himself doing the Enoshima dance. As Yuki is walking home, he ignores Haru's pleas to fish with him. When standing in the train station, Haru tells him they should be friends, and Yuki begins to experience another anxiety episode — to which Haru squirts him, again.

Yuki wakes up in a fishing store with Haru, wondering why he is there. Natsuki, one of the kids that had seen Yuki's train episode, enters and wonders why the alien and the demon mask are together, going into the back to change into his work uniform. Misaki, the main worker of the fishing store, tells Haru and Yuki about Natsuki's skill as a fisherman, and how he is called the "Fishing Prince". Haru asks Natsuki to teach him and Yuki how to fish, calling him "Prince", to which Natsuki threatens to kill him for. Haru, panicked, shoots him with his water gun, as well as Yuki, and the three end up in the Enoshima docks.

With no option, Natsuki begins to teach them how to fish, scolding Yuki with his first attempt since he had not listened to him telling Haru that simply plopping the end of the line in the water is how you fish with bait. Yuki begins to enter another anxiety attack, however, before the drowning feeling can corrupt him, he gets a bite from a fish, pulling him out of his drowning situation. Natsuki and Haru look on in shock as he tries to handle the fish. Natsuki gives him instructions to how to reel it in, but Yuki fails, breaking the line. Natsuki gives him some more advice about reeling the fish in as Haru asks Yuki if it was fun.

Yuki is then shown entering his home in the evening, laying down on the inside of the front door. His mind scrolls through memories of that day, looking over how Haru had said he wanted to be friends and getting pulled from his anxiety. He reassures himself he'll probably forget about it soon before Kate comes in and welcomes him home, asking him where he got his fishing rod. She appears excited when he says he went fishing with a classmate, but not a friend — the conversation is interrupted by Haru bursting the door open, saying he is home.

Kate explains that Haru will be living with them, and Haru begins to chase Yuki around the house. During their chase scene, Yuki voices over as if he is telling a story. Haru shouts "Let's save the world together!", and a mid-drowning, confused Yuki asks what he is talking about. The episode ends with Yuki saying — "I didn't think we'd actually end up saving the world."


  • Yuki Sanada (debut)
  • Haru (debut)
  • Natsuki Usami (debut)
  • Akira Agarkar Yamada (debut)
  • Misaki (debut)
  • Erika (debut)
  • Kate Sanada (debut)
  • Coco (debut)
  • Yumi and Emi (debut)