The episode begins with a man, seemingly of an elder age, telling the story of the five headed dragon. This five headed dragon terrorized the people of Enoshima, a small island, and would soon bring doom to the planet. However, when all hope was lost, and despair looked like the only option, something miraculous had happened — out of the dark clouds, a single ray of light shone down. An unearthly, beautiful goddess, riding on a purple cloud, appeared. The goddess in the depiction of the tale has closed eyes that she opens, then, along with lighting up a huge smile, while saying "Pachi!". The depiction then shows the dragon, absolutely stunned by her beauty.

A heart jumps out of the dragon's snout, which turns into a mushroom-like ship, which flies off. The depiction then displays a map of the world, showing a red Japan compared to the rest of the world, which is yellow. An instruction says "Japan" along with its kanji form soon after, then it zooms to the Kanto region (giving it the same kanji and word), further more into the Kanagawa prefecture (once again with its kanji), and then finally, Enoshima. The screen then jumps to a view of the entire planet, spinning, and stopping on the side which displays Japan. Four water droplets escape out of the planet, and it jump cuts to Haru's own face, who appears closed-eyed and then opens them, saying "Pachi!", like the Goddess.

The screen shows their presence in the Katase-Enoshima Station, where Coco, the fish in the fishbowl on top of Haru's head, begins to communicate with him via water, asking him what he wishes to do now. The scene then changes to an outside shot of the Enoshima Aquarium, where, inside, Haru puts his finger on the glass of one of the larger tanks. A young girl's attention is suddenly caught by this, and it is revealed that a multitude of fish are suddenly gathered at the spot in which Haru had placed his finger. Spectators, astounded, watch in shock. The young girl suddenly says "So pretty!", referring to Haru's triangle halo, in which she (and other young children) can only see — thus confusing her mother slightly.

Haru points his finger upwards, and the horde of fish shoot upwards in obedience, awing the crowd. The scene then changes to Haru walking down the roads of Enoshima, walking forwards and backwards, as Coco asks him how his exploration went. The scene changes to the Enoshima shrine, and Haru and Coco look on as residents are performing the Enoshima dance. Haru smiles, amused by this, as Coco shouts a "Yoisho, yoishona!", jumping out of the fish bowl as she dives back in. The camera zooms in on her gills doing this, and her magenta tail fades into a back-shot of a boy's red hair.

The camera pans outwards, displaying a silent Japanese classroom as the teacher begins to explain that Sanada Yuki, the boy with red hair, will be transferring that day. The teacher gives a formal yet short speech about how he will be "missed" as well as what his transferring situation is, as Yuki searches ways to say goodbye on his phone below his desk. From this point forward the anime is taken from his perspective, and he speaks to himself in his mind. At that moment, he questions how many times he had transferred.

The teacher calls his name, and Yuki gets out of his seat, approaching the front of the classroom. He explains that he has been through this situation multiple times, but has never known what to say — explaining that he had never made a single friend or any fond memories. The shot looks out over a generally bored classroom, as Yuki looks down at his feet, quietly thanking everybody for "everything". He observes two students at the back of the classroom giggling and chatting, assuming that they are talking about him. He enters an anxiety attack that he is majorly aware of, begging for help in his head, as he begins to "drown" in his mental drowning scenario — in the duration of this, his face morphs into his "demonic" expression, and the class's expression turns to shock.

Yuki is then displayed running through water, and eventually to a clearing where he is able to poke his head out of the surface — only to discover he is now outside of his school, in an awkward stance. He shames himself for being a fool again as the shot shows him walking home.

His grandmother, Kate, is then seen exiting their home carrying a heavy-looking box. Yuki, instantly worried, runs over and scolds for her carrying something so heavy. Kate reassures that it is fine, as their neighbor and landlord tells her she will greatly miss her presence. Yuki goes inside their once home into his room, barren, with only a casual pair of clothes and a small backpack neatly placed on the floor. He changes into this and goes back outside, passing by Kate and the landlord wishing her well, as he enters their red car.

Kate soon enters the car with Yuki, who asks her where they're going. Kate simply says "A wonderful place" and reassures that they will find something good there. Yuki, slightly puzzled, agrees to this, and the opening theme begins to play, showcasing Yuki and Kate's red car traveling across the map of Japan from Osaki to Enoshima. The red car passes onto the bridge to Enoshima just as the song ends, showing Haru and Coco right before their arrival, walking down the sidewalk of said bridge.

The car passes by Haru, who's attention is immediately caught — he sees the car in a slower fashion, and the camera shows Haru's eyes and the car's silhouette passing by in both eyeballs. The scene repeats, this time showing Yuki, in the car, passing by. Haru subconsciously takes his hands off of Coco's fish bowl, as the shot zooms into one of his eyes, displaying a fish swimming from one side to the other. Haru is momentarily stunned, and the camera shows the red car zooming away — however, Haru soon excitedly pursues the vehicle, causing Coco to ask him what's wrong, unsure of what's happening.

The scene then changes to Yuki and Kate gazing upon a house on a small hill. Kate explains that this will be their new home, and she will be working at the nearby Samuel Cocking Garden. Yuki explores the house, then changes into his new high school uniform. His grandmother tells him he does not need to attend school that day and can start tomorrow, but Yuki insists it will not make a difference, and goes anyways. Kate tells him to smile and hold his head high, which he does, and Kate praises him for his nice smile.

Yuki walks to his school while looking up certain dishes of Enoshima, particularly whitebait. The scene shifts to Haru approaching the area in which is in front of Yuki's house and the garden, shouting "Sky Tree!", in reference to the Sky Tree Tower in the background. The scene once again shifts to Kate finishing up a nameplate for their home, which says "Kate" and "Yuki" in kanji respectively. She goes to the front door, only to see Haru standing right in front of it. Haru greets her and introduces himself, and Kate comments that his name is wonderful.

Haru claims that he will live there after saying he is an alien, then, and writes his name alongside Kate and Yuki's on their plaque. Kate contemplates this for a moment, then asks Haru if he can promise her something. The scene then is zoomed out to show a mysterious man in a turban, addressing his duck, Tapioca, about Haru. He mindlessly comments that he's probably just another tourist. The scene shifts to Yuki, who is sitting on a train to school. A middle-aged man, likely around his 50s, stands near him, and Yuki contemplates whether he should give up his seat or not.

He begins to get anxious over this, entering another one of his drowning anxiety attacks, his face morphing into his demon expression. The man and two students from the same high school notice this and are slightly afraid, as Yuki doesn't take notice of this, instead too busy with his thoughts about whether or not he should give his seat up. While in this state, however, one of the students gives his seat up, and the man thanks him, causing Yuki to snap out of it. He immediately becomes anxious, again, knowing those two students had seen everything.

Yuki reassures himself that it's fine once he gets off the train, and heads to school. Now in the classroom, his teacher announces there will be two new transfer students, however, one was running late. Yuki, once again pent up by his nerves, reassures and calms himself as he begins to introduce himself. He manages to say more than just his name, and even goes on to explaining how Enoshima is beautiful so far. His speech ends with the teacher cutting him off after a somewhat long silence, and he is excused to his seat, where he tells himself that was likely the best he's done so far.

Yuki looks to his side and sees one of the students that had witnessed his ordeal in the train, Erika — he stands up in a panic, and all the class's eyes return to him. Yuki spots the other kid that had seen him on the train, Natsuki Usami — and becomes more panicked. He tells people to stop looking at him in his head, and begins to enter another drowning anxiety attack. However, this is suddenly halted with the sudden opening of the classroom door.

Haru walks in, carrying a large fishing pole, successfully capturing the attention of the whole class. He holds his fishing pole down, and the teacher worriedly tells him to be careful with it. Haru then introduces himself, saying "I'm Haru. I'm an alien.", and the whole class gasps in shock. Yuki, now composed, watches as well, asking himself if Haru had just called himself an alien. Haru then looks over the entire class, as if scouting for something, before landing his eyes on Yuki, and pointing right towards him, saying "There you are!". Haru casts his fishing pole towards Yuki while shouting his name.

Yuki, shocked, asks himself how he possibly knows his name. Haru shouts that he has a bite, and begins to reel in. With the class's eyes on him, Yuki receives another panic attack, and shows off his demonic face, to which two girls behind him comment on such. Haru walks over to just behind Erika's desk, where he equips a green water gun. The whole class watches as he shoots Yuki in the head with water.

Yuki awakens to hear his class singing the traditional Enoshima dance song, realizing he is dancing along with Haru. Two students remark of their quirkiness, but agree they make a good team. The scene shifts to Yuki and several students walking home, to which Haru follows him with a fishing pole, urging him to fish together. Yuki tells him off in his head, and Haru stops in front of him, holding out his fishing pole and telling him he thinks his hair is pretty. This stops Yuki momentarily, slightly flustered, as he passes by Haru again, ignoring him.

Haru follows Yuki to the train station, where they stand together in silence until Haru calls Yuki's name. When his attention is captured, Haru tells him they should be friends, to wish Yuki's face morphs into an expression of slight shock, until he hears two girls behind him giggling — to which he begins to make his demonic face again. Haru raises his water gun, telling him that face isn't cool, and squirts him. Yuki then awakens in a fishing shop, unsure of how he got there and why he's there.