Always with a smile, always holding your head high...
— Yuki Sanada
Sanada Yuki
Kanji 真田 ユキ
Character Information
Gender Male
Age 17 (during series), 18 (post-series)
Height 172cm (5'6")
Weight 58kg (127 lb)
Family Kate (grandmother)
Unnamed mother
Unnamed father
Media Information
Animation Debut Episode 1
JP Voice Actor Ryōta Ōsaka
English Voice Actor Adam Gibbs

Yuki Sanada (真田 ユキ) is the central protagonist and one of the main characters of Tsuritama along with Haru, Natsuki and Akira.

A boy troubled by his anxieties and social awkwardness, Yuki finds himself moving to a new town called Enoshima where, upon his arrival, he befriends a quirky alien, a fishing prince, and a member of an alien hunting organization.

Visual AppearanceEdit

Yuki is particularly recognized for his bright, red, unusually crimson messy hair. His skin is soft and pink, and tans particularly easy underneath the sun, as noted in Episode 6. The series depicts him in multiple different outfits, however, he is initially recognized in his formal Higashi High School attire — a blue blazer over a high collar shirt, a black tie, black dress pants, and shoes.

He is relatively normal structured, and walks as a slightly fair man. Upon the beginning of the series, he is shown to hardly smile and instead appear more worrisome or nervous (angry, as well, when he bares his demon face), but as the series progresses on, he shows a much larger range of expressions.

When Yuki is experiencing a moment in which he freaks out, he is noted to make an expression referred to as his "demon face". Although this face initially looks scary and causes others to believe he is angry with them, in truth, it is really just the face he makes when he cannot handle the situation he is in emotionally.

When he displays his demon face, Yuki's face notably stretches downwards more, as wrinkles form to show this. His visage tints slightly to the reddish side, his nose scrunches up, and he sweats excessively.


Noted for his inability to approach social situations, Yuki is a high school student who finds it difficult to approach others and make friends.

A very nervous and shy young man, Yuki doesn't respond well to scenarios with people, be it public speaking or when he is placed in an embarrassing situation where all eyes are upon him. He is

shown to have mental anxiety attacks in which he cannot control, displaying a scenario in which he is "drowning in water" — a nervous state in which he cannot feel himself breath unless he escapes the social situation. In this stage, he displays his "demon face" — an ugly and "hideous" facial expression, causing people to assume he is angry.
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Yuki's "drowning" scenario when he is placed in a mentally stressing situation.

Because of this, Yuki is prevented from making friends or getting along with anyone, being too nervous to approach others in fear he will enter this state of mind. It also restricts him from expressing how he truly feels, as he is constantly nervous about other's viewpoints of him, and desires to be a "normal student". Having transferred several times due to his Grandmother's constantly shifting job, as well as being socially inept, Yuki does not have any fond memories with any of his past schoolings, and thus deducts that friends are somewhat useless to him.

As the main protagonist, the viewers see the mind of Yuki the most, covering how he views the world and it's subjects. He is shown to be particularly worrisome and jumpy, and even cowardly at the beginning of the series — remaining silent, and finding barely any situation to smile. Because he doesn't have friends and hasn't had the chance to develop bonds, he finds it difficult to understand his feelings. For example, when Natsuki was teaching him and Haru to fish, he didn't understand why and how he was feeling frustrated. Many of the characters believe he is simply cut-off and angry for the most part because of this — this fact changes as the show progresses onwards.


Yuki getting "yanked" from his drowning mental scenario while fishing.

When fishing, it is notable that the first time that he had fished and caught a bite, the feeling had "yanked" him out of his anxiety attack's drowning water rather than him freaking out and running away from the situation. This caused him to have a euphoric reaction, and encouraged him to continue fishing.

Yuki is shown to deeply care about his friends as the show moves on, at first being silent and awkward by the hand of Haru, who had forced him, Yuki, and Natsuki into a fishing circle initially. Despite entering the friendship unwillingly at first, Yuki's character developed to care for many people, including Haru, Natsuki, and eventually Akira, as time continued on, acknowledging the fact that his friendship with the three had changed him as a person.

A notable trait about Yuki is that he is shown to rely upon his phone to search topics or information of things he does not know about. Yuki tends to daydream, often allowing his mind wonder. In the anime, he is seen going through the events of his day, picking out the moments in which hit him the most.


Yuki's backstory is only mentioned briefly in the anime, however, it is confirmed that his parents had both passed away when Yuki was young. It is unknown how they had passed away, but due to this fact, Yuki had been in the care of his grandmother ever since. Having and preferring no other place to live, upon growing up, he cared and lived alongside Kate, seeing her for parental guidance as he had lost both.


Photos of Yuki when he was younger with his grandmother, signifying how long he had been without parents.

Due to an unknown incident in his early childhood, Yuki received his shyness and eventual social anxiety,

which quickly down-spiraled into his inability to communicate as he began to grow older. Moving schools frequently due to his grandmother's constant shift of jobs, Yuki had never made any friends or fond memories in any of his upbringings.

The anime begins with Yuki once again moving schools, becoming nervous about the goodbye speech he has to make to his class before departing. After receiving his drowning mental scenario and running out of the school in this fit, he walks to his grandmother's home, immediately worried for her as she is carrying a heavy-looking box. After aiding her with her moving items, he changes into a casual outfit and puts on his backpack, and soon heads to Enoshima with his grandmother, where the anime takes place from there on.


Main Cast


I can't let the flowers wilt.
Yuki, about Haru, to Kate
Haru is Yuki's first friend once he moves to Enoshima.

Displayed by multiple actions in the anime, Yuki and Haru share an indefinite close and intimate relationship. Their relationship began in Episode 1 after Haru had spotted Yuki by chance in a car that had passed by him — attracted by his red hair, Haru pursues the car that holds him. After claiming (and gaining quick approval by Kate) his home at the same residence as Kate and Yuki, Haru travels to school in pursuit of Yuki, unbeknownst to the latter. Yuki is immediately weirded out by Haru's appearance, claims, and personality — only to be the end of his fishing line, officially destroying his desired "normal school life".

As the first episodes are displayed, Haru forces himself upon Yuki, much to his discomfort and misunderstanding, often commenting about how he and Haru are not friends. Haru, on the other hand, boasts about their friendship, and follows Yuki's examples to whatever extent — taking him as his prime example to follow human life. Haru's initial attachment causes Yuki's discomfort to reach a point where he fears Haru temporarily, and runs away from him — however, after accepting the fact that it would be impossible to pry the alien off of him, Yuki dismisses his desire and fears and instead withstands Haru's acts in annoyance.

Tumblr m6ccktbI8e1rn98vpo1 500

Yuki and Haru's strong trust, as displayed in the final episode.

In Episode 4, Haru temporarily disappears, coincidentally after Yuki tells him he should return to his home planet because he is an alien, and thus does not understand human nature. This causes Yuki to enter a panic once he realizes that Haru is gone — when in truth he is simply floating in the ocean. Yuki goes as far as jumping in in order to save Haru, much to Haru's joyful surprise. At this point in the series, Yuki begins to treasure his friends more, Haru in particular — as wise words from his grandmother make him realize that he must cherish the friends that he has made.

As the series progresses, Yuki and Haru's friendship strengths to one in which displays a strong trust and bond for one another — to the point in which both parties go long distances for the other. Reaching the final episodes, Yuki displays an immense care for Haru that would not have been seen by his prior self — escaping the safe area of the city in turn for reaching Haru, in order to see if he is doing okay. During the final episode, Yuki shouts the phrase "I won't let you wither!", in notes to how his grandmother had compared Haru to a flower and thought Yuki had needed one as well. This notes that he agreed with her statement. The pair is known as the "Goddess" and her "Companion", reflecting upon the old tale that was told in order to defeat the sea dragon.

After the credits of the final episode, Haru enters the classroom just as he did in the first. All the students except for Yuki (and assumingly Urara) stand up and say "The alien!" once he introduces himself. He is shown to get slightly embarrass and apologize, only to then look towards Yuki, who's face morphs from shock to a hearty laugh at Haru's return. Haru laughs as well, blushing, implying that he is happy to see Yuki too.

Usami Natsuki

Natsuki is Yuki's classmate and later a good friend. At first, their relationship is rocky as Yuki always felt annoyed and frustrated with the other teen but eventually they grow to understand one and another, and become good friends. Natsuki is one who taught Yuki and Haru to fish, he even was the one who pushed Yuki learn how set up his own rode to show Natsuki he wrong about his 'character'.

Akira Agarkar Yamada

Like many characters, Yuki is seen to be initially nervous around Akira, however, with the social support from Haru and Natsuki, he does not have any extreme nerves over him upon their first encounter. Their interactions are somewhat limited in the anime, as they do not seem to one-on-one interact with one another, and instead both parties group the other with "Haru, Natsuki, and Yuki/Akira." Their relationship aspect is not shined upon very much, however, Yuki and Akira both show care to the other as they would to the other boys in their friend group.

Supporting Characters

Sanada Kate

Kate is Yuki's loving Grandmother. Yuki lives with her instead of his parents and often moves around a lot. Yuki loves her and cares for her greatly, he often worries about her as Kate isn't in good health.


Haru's younger sister, Yuki finds her annoying — he is also afraid of her, as she is more intimidating and demanding than Haru. Yuki is terrified of her water-gun, similarly to how he does not like it when Haru uses his own. As Haru's sister, however, Yuki grows care for her in a sense as well, sounding and looking concerned when Haru informs Yuki that she had been taken into the sea dragon's school of fish as one of his own.

Other than the fact she was used as an intimidation wall so that Yuki could not escape fishing, no person-to-person interactions were really made between the two in later episodes.


  • The novel version confirms his age at the start of the series, in the 1st chapter, stating: With his sixth farewell in his seventeen years over with, Yuki left the school.
    • Natsuki is also confirmed to be 17 in Chapter 4 of the same novel, meaning he and Yuki are the same age. Natsuki celebrates his birthday twice - both once in-show and once in an official art since. This would make Yuki 18 by the time of the post-series official art.
  • ユキ (Yuki) means snow. Along with Haru, Akira, and Natsuki, all their names are meant to reference one of the seasons. Yuki's would be winter.
  • Yuki's name seems to be derived from the name Yukimura Sanada, a famous samurai from the Edo Era.
  • Considering his grandmother is French, Yuki is probably at least 1/4 French.
  • Yuki likes the school subject geography and does not like English (not because he is bad, but because he finds it awkward to speak it). [1]
  • He does not have any other hobbies besides fishing, with the exception of daydreaming. [1]
  • His grandmother, fishing, and his friends are what Yuki finds the most important to him. [1]
  • For casual clothing, he prefers t-shirts as inners. Shirts and hoodies double as his preferred top, and he enjoys sneakers as his preferred shoes. [1]
  • Yuki has transferred schools at 6 times prior to his arrival in Enoshima. Enoshima would be his 7th. [1]
  • Yuki likes tamagoyaki, a type of Japanese omlette. However, he does not like fried egg, as it gets mushy. [1]
  • "Encounters are sudden, separations are certain." is Yuki's favorite saying. He had seen it online and relates to it with his current situation(s). [1]
  • According to a Twitter Q&A with the staff, Yuki is fluent in English and French. [2]
  • Yuki is a natural redhead. [2]
  • He forgets the flower names that his grandmother grows, but it is not because he dislikes them. [3]
  • Yuki owns several shirts with the names of fish on them, such as "Hamachi" and "Sea bass". [3]
  • He isn't keen to grunge rock, as it hurts his ears. [3]
  • His blood type is O.
    • In Japanese culture, O blood types are said to be agreeable, optimistic, and, ironically, socialable.


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