Fidget fidget...
— Urara
Kanji うらら
Character Information
Gender Male
Age around 17~18
Height 181cm (5'9")
Weight 58kg (127 lb)
Family Haru (possible relation)
Coco (possible relation)
Media Information
Animation Debut Episode 12
JP Voice Actor Takahiro Sakurai
English Voice Actor Blake Shepard

Urara (うらら) is an alien from the same planet as Haru and Coco.

He is the main antagonist of the animated series Tsuritama, causing terror and panic to the people of Enoshima and had nearly caused the end of the world.

Visual AppearanceEdit

In his human form, he is a generally well-built and attractive man with long turquoise hair that ends at the beginning of his chest. The insides of his hair are pink in contrast to his outer blue hair, and it is tied in a messy, low ponytail, in a dark blue hair-tie. His eyes are particularly slanted into a form which implies he is tired, and has bright purple eyes like Haru.

He wears the typical school uniform for men, a blue blazer, white dress shirt, and black slacks, pants, and shoes. However, as a unique fashion choice, Urara wears an orange neck-tie with yellow polka dots in favor of the usual black tie.


Urara, in his aware and human form, was hardly seen in the anime, seeing he only appeared for a short amount of time during the last episode. However, upon what can be observed, he is shown to be very bashful and shy, though very polite and calm, in contrast to Yuki.

He notably speaks in onomatopoeia from time to time, and does not carry on his sentences, making him quiet and blunt. However, he is interested in making friends, as shown happily accepting Yuki's request to fish with him.

Before gaining his human form, as a dragon, he is shown to be more hostile. As an alien, he seems to possess a tremendous amount of power, as Urara was able to overcome both Haru and Coco in their attempts to luring him away from civilization. Due to his calm nature and general shyness, it is unknown if he was aware he was going to destroy the entire world, or if he was doing this subconsciously while residing in the sea.


Not much is known about how or why Urara had resided in the bottom of the ocean on Earth. His residence has been long enough that Haru and Coco, however, had taken a notice to it, and thus had decided to come to Earth in order to fish him out. It can be discussed whether he intended to bring about the destruction of the world, or if he, too, was unaware he was creating a large panic for humans.



  • His birthday was stated in an official Q&A on twitter to be February 27. It should be noted he is in the same class and grade as the rest of the main group at the end of the series - his birthday would, in a real-world setting, place him on the "younger" end of the class (due to his birthday being before April 1st, when a typical Japanese school year begins). In other words, if he "ages", he would not "age" until the next years' February 27. This is despite Yuki being 17 at the start of the series (possibly due to him changing schools so much) with a March 31st birthday, Haru sharing the same "age" and close-in-dates birthday as Yuki (which were stated to be "chosen" by him), and Natsuki's birthday (August 28) being celebrated during the early course of the series.
  • Also in regards to his birthday and "age", official information for Urara later noted "With Summer gone, he joins Yuki and the others at their high school in his school uniform."
  • Urara means "beauty" or "serene".
    • He and Haru's names were taken from the song Haru Urara by a singer named Kagrra. [1]
  • His blood-type is B.
  • There is implication he may have known of Haru and Coco, and that Haru particularly maybe knew of him in turn.
  • His favorite foods are wheat based sweets and red broth miso soup. [1]
  • There is a possibility he may be the dragon that took over Enoshima many years ago, as Haru to the goddess, as he took over Enoshima like the dragon did.
  • Urara was referred to as "JFX" until he formally introduced himself. JFX stands for "Japan. Fujisawa. Mysterious Object". [1]
  • In a Tsuritama short story, Urara wins a beauty pagent contest against Akira, Haru, and Natsuki purely due to his looks. This same short story actually occurs before the episode where they'd later actually meet Urara, stating none of them had any idea what was soon to occur.


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