Sometimes I want to talk about Mom.
— Sakura to Natsuki
Usami Sakura
Kanji 宇佐美 さくら
Character Information
Gender Female
Age 10
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Family Usami Tamotsu (father)
Usami Natsuki (brother)
Usami Shinobu (mother, deceased)
Usami Mariko (stepmother)
Erika (relative)
Media Information
Animation Debut Episode 2
JP Voice Actor Ogura Yui
English Voice Actor Nancy Novotny
Sakura Usami (宇佐美 さくら) is a minor character in the series Tsuritama. She is Natsuki's younger sister.

Visual AppearanceEdit

Sakura is a fair-sized, young 10-year-old with a similarly young complexion and body. She has pale skin and silvery blue eyes that have straight-across bangs cut right above them. Depending on the animation, these bangs can split or remain in one straight row. Contrastingly from her brother, her hair is sleek and black, ending just below her collarbone.

When she is first seen she is shown with a green hoodie with a mushroom pattern that looks curiously similar to Haru and Coco's spaceship, and red backpack. Otherwise, her outfits are constantly shifting, so much so that there is not a ground outfit set for her.


As a child, Sakura is generally cheerful and naive despite her original mother's passing. She is a tad bit oblivious when it comes to certain situations, for example, Yuki freaking out over how Natsuki was smiling to her presence. However, it is also shown that she is not unaware that her brother is actually quiet and lonely.

Her cute and innocent demeanor allows Natsuki to change his personality entirely, as he finds her as the only person who should understand the inner turmoil he is facing when it comes to their now deceased mother. Sakura is generally caring to everyone, although, as a child, she cries easily at the hand of an overbearing emotion, and makes impulsive decisions.

Sakura cares deeply about all her family members, including Mariko. She is very mature in this aspect considering her young age, as she seems to take the pain of her mother's passing in a more conservative and optimistic fashion in comparison to her brother.


2 years prior to the series beginning, when she was 8, Sakura's mother, Shinobu, had passed away due to unknown reasons. It seems as if Sakura takes the fact that her mother had passed away in a stronger and less grudge-like than her brother, Natsuki, as she is always positively looking forward, and approves of her father's new girlfriend, Mariko.

Other than the fact her mother had passed away, not too much else is known about Sakura's personal past.


Main Cast

Natsuki Usami

Natsuki is Sakura's older brother and only sibling. As siblings, the two share a very close relation with each other, as Natsuki has a weak spot for his younger sibling. Due to the fact they are the only other person that can understand the situation and pain of losing their specific birth mother, Natsuki and Sakura are shown to rely on each other deeply, as Natsuki is constantly worrying over his little sister. Sakura, in turn, always wishes to do whatever will make her older brother happy.

Tumblr m4jl21EyuP1qjricxo1 500

Natsuki slapping Sakura.

In Episode 7, Sakura and Natsuki have an argument which leads Natsuki to slapping Sakura harshly enough to leave a mark upon her cheek. She begins to burst out crying, and Natsuki feels no remorse initially over this action, until nearing the end of the episode, Sakura disappears. A search party is created, and Natsuki

ends up finding her in a closed off amusement park which he, Sakura, and their past mother used to visit.

Natsuki and Sakura quickly make up after the ordeal, and Natsuki, for Sakura's sake, agrees to start getting along with his father again and begin to express his inner turmoil over his mother's death with her more.


Like many characters of the series, Sakura gets along well with Haru upon their first meeting, as their cheery personalities seem to clash immediately. Sakura shows a care for Haru as Haru does for her, encouraging him to join Natsuki's fishing boat party even when he initially refused. Haru also participated in her search party.

Supporting Characters

Tamotsu Usami

Tamotsu is Sakura's birth father. Unlike Natsuki, Sakura's relationship with her father is less intense and grudge-filled. Like Haru, she simply wishes for her entire family to get along, and she wishes for her brother and her father to make up as father and son. Sakura and Tamotsu's relationship is seemingly good, however, it is implied she does not like it when he drinks beer.

Shinobu Usami

Shinobu is Sakura's birth mother. From what the anime had offered, Shinobu and Sakura's relationship as mother and daughter was good while she was alive, as they went to amusement parks together and shared fond memories. Although Sakura loves her birth mother very much, she is not hesitant to move on from her, even though she does greatly miss her.

Mariko Usami

Mariko is Sakura's eventual stepmother. Initially Sakura and Mari share a good relationship, and Sakura generally approves to her father finding a new love, as it would make the family whole again. She seems to get along well with her, and had even claimed to loving her, and wishes that the hole in the Usami family could be filled once she officially becomes part of it.


Sakura had met Coco in Episode 6, during Kate's return party. There has not been too much interaction between the two, however, it is shown that Sakura thinks she is cute, and wishes to be like her in the sense — mimicking her poses as well as sayings. She looks to Coco as an inspiration and someone that she wishes to be like, at least appearance-wise.


  • Sakura is in 4th grade. [1]
  • She has a certain curry that she enjoys eating, called "Big Brother Curry". It is a curry that her older brother makes especially for her. It contains lots of tomato, cheese, and yogurt. [2]
  • In a Q&A on twitter, the staff refused to tell Sakura's "three sizes" (in comparison to Coco and Akira).


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