Usami Tamotsu
Kanji 宇佐美 さくら
Character Information
Gender Male
Age Unknown, likely middle-aged
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Family Usami Shinobu (first wife, deceased)
Usami Mariko (second wife)
Usami Natsuki (son)
Usami Sakura (daughter)
Erika (relative)
Media Information
Animation Debut Episode 2
JP Voice Actor Shiro Saito
English Voice Actor Andrew Love
Tamotsu Usami (宇佐美 保) is a minor character in the series Tsuritama. He is Natsuki's father and the owner of a whitebait restaurant in Enoshima.

Visual Appearance Edit

He looks to be a little over being middle-aged. He has black-gray hair that is slicked back. He wears black glasses that are similar to Natsuki's.

Personality Edit

Tamotsu is a relatively cheerful man with a positive outlook. He is aware that Natsuki does not like him and tries to bring them closer together, but he knows when to stay clear of his son's way. He is very nice, though more is to be revealed later on.

He seems to have an interest in drinking, as he merrily searches for his beer in one episode.


Tamotsu's personal past is not very well known, however, two years prior to the beginning of the series, his wife, Shinobu, had passed away, making a rift in between him and his son, Natsuki. During this time period he had also met and began to see a new woman named Mariko, much to his daughter's approval and son's displeasure.



  • "Tamotsu" means "guarantee, keep, preserve, protect, support, sustain."
  • He is the one that had created Natsuki's personal saying when casting (which was eventually passed on to Haru and Yuki), "Eno - shima - don (bowl)!"


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